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Wheels & Tires

Looking for the quality tires and wheels. American Tire has a large selection to choose from.


LineX Protective Coatings

American Tire is please to offer LineX protective coatings for your truck, van, Jeep, or other work vehicle! LineX is the standard for protection - your vehicle is an investment, let LineX give you peace of mind for years to come!


Customization & Fabrication

We can customize your vehicle and also fabricate custom accessories to fit your needs.


More than just wheels & tires!

At American Tire, we value and respect the customer relationship as much as the product we sell and have been for over 65 years or three generations.

What started many years ago was the birth of a strong immigrant family and their love for all things automotive. After intense training and then racing of the automobiles among the family, the vast knowledge and desire to provide reliability and integrity in the business became a passion. The name has been a staple in the community with generations of families counting on the top notch customer service, respect, reliability and trust has continued at ATW. This fact is inherent and a testament to the success and ability to maintain these values across three generations in a competitive and what can sometimes be known as a dodgy industry. We hope you choose us knowing that we strive for excellence. Most importantly taking the time to provide not only the best product and service, but with every transaction the respect, integrity and passion for building customer relationships that are based on family values.

Whatever you are looking for, we are a one stop, knowledgeable shop with a reputation in the industry and community. Our success is our customer. Rather than spending big bucks on advertising, the tradition has been successful with our customer spreading the good news. And because of this we can put the money that we would spend on advertising in the pockets of our customers striving to save them money at the end of the day. So thanks to you we have served the community for over 65 years and look forward to building more relationships to continue our legacy.